Texte bientôt traduit en Français.

Frontal situation, using the risers for the spectators. White back ground for video projection (screen is better or wall if not).
10m by 10m is a good size but can be smaller or bigger.
Black dance floor black curtain on the side and the back to frame the screen, or use of the space empty without curtain if it fits.

A low table or box to place Xavier's computer. Xavier seats on the floor.

Click here to see Light plan.

20 X Flood lights, for a white wash with filter R114 or LEE 253
10 X 1 Kw PC to isolate some areas no filters.

5X 1Kw PC (or Profile) for front light

There are 3 different light environments (Click the link to see pictures): 

full light,
light when projection is used,
atmosphere using 10PC


There is no light cue sheet to learn, light cue are given live to the technician of the venue. (See pictures)

Amplification systemSpeaker 2 or 4 depending on the dimension of the space.
Mini jack plug to connect Xavier's computer where the sound is transmitted, Xavier control the sound (depending on the setting made with the technician during set up.

Video Projector, power (6000 lumens)(See according to the dimension of the space) white screen as big as possible according to space (on the floor at the back of the  stage)
VGA cable to connect to Xavier's computer which project Images.

Internet access:
Wifi or cable ethernet, has to be constant connection to down load youtube vide which are shown during the show.

Schedule and technical staff:

Day before the performance
Morning (4hours) : rigging lights, draperies and set-up sound and video
4 stage technicians, 3 light technicians, 1 sound technician
Afternoon (1hour30) : focus light
3 light technicians, 1 stage technician
afternoon (1hour) : programming, video and sound check
1 light technician, 1 sound technician, 1 stage technician
evening (2hours30) : rehearsal with light and sound
1 light technician, 1 sound technician, 1 stage technician

Day of the performance
For rehearsal (4hours) and corrections as well as for the performance
1 light technician, 1 sound technician, 1 stage technician